Party Local Style

Pedro and I dancing in the background with Marco sitting on the left and Stefan on the far right.

Pedro and I dancing in the background with Marco sitting on the left and Stefan on the far right.

Before I came to Peru, I voiced my desire to experience the country like a local and last night I think I came pretty close!

A few days ago, myself, the other resident naturalists and a few local staff from the lodge, socialized in the Resident Naturalist bungalow until the wee hours of the morning, drinking beer and Pisco.  This is possibly the best way to get to know the staff while practicing your broken Spanish on the non-English speaking locals.  Let me take this opportunity to tell you more about Pedro and Arles, two brothers that live and work at the lodge.  They are the nicest people you can possibly meet; very polite, soft spoken, decent, hardworking and genuine.  They wear their hearts Continue reading


Playing Monkey

A bird's eye view of the rainforest canopy.

A bird’s eye view of the rainforest canopy.

Be honest, who does not miss climbing trees as you did when you were a child?  Yes, we can still climb a tree when we want to and some of us still do, but somehow most of us just don’t seem to get round to it.  Then there is the ultimate dream, at least for myself, to climb a gigantic tree in the Amazon, with the promise of a sweet reward of a magical forest canopy vista when you reach the top.  Just imagine my elation when Hugo (pronounced oe-go) offered to take Daniël and myself tree climbing.  What a privilege!  Hugo is one of the professional tree climbers for the research group, Amizonica, here to investigate the carbon function of the rainforest.  There is a concern that the rainforest will in future release more carbon into the air than what it absorbs due to the change of climate conditions and the research group is here to do all kinds of scientificcy tests to investigate this potential issue. Continue reading



I have a problem; I suffer from FOMO (The fear of missing out).  Curiosity of the unknown; the other side; that which others do; that which your friends have warned you about and at the same time raved about… when can I try it, should I try it, take the leap?  Should I choose to ignore the warning behind the use of something that people claim will “open” your mind to other dimensions; enable you to use your brain to its full capacity; something that can reveal all life’s truths to you, even cure you of addiction?  A pure South American rainforest experience; one everyone should try if they really want to experience the culture and spirit of South America.  What can possibly go wrong?  Surely, my friend exaggerated when she said she experienced extreme paranoia attacks and severe depression for two years after she tried it? Continue reading