The Flat Battery Conundrum – (guest author – Daniël Cloete)

My husband wanted to give his thoughts on the matter…

The Adventurous Miss Chrissie's Misadventures

IMG_3553 All of us enjoying the sunset next to Tambopata River. From left to right: two tourist ladies who’s names I can’t remember, Anouk, Marco, Kevin and Chrissie and I sitting at the back)

Life has this ingenious way of occasionally presenting the most rewarding experiences from something that can initially seem quite negative. Chrissie, Kevin, Anouk and I took the opportunity to go up to Colpa Chuncho on the 18th of September so that we could hopefully experience the mass gathering of parrots and macaws at the colpa (or clay lick) the next morning. On the afternoon that we arrived we took a walk with Marco, our guide, and two Explorer’s Inn guests so that Kevin and Anouk could make use of the opportunity of being at Colpa Chuncho to place a camera trap in the dry riverbed. Before coming, we heard many accounts of encounters with big mammals such…

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